Holidays in Da Nang Vietnam, Where Can You Go?

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country with a variety of natural beauty and interesting cultures. Both of these can be enjoyed while on vacation in Da Nang, a favorite city of tourists in the central Vietnam region.

If you plan to visit here, you can use public transportation. But if you intend to go around Da Nang all day, you should rent a motorcycle or car. You can also choose the Luxury Hotel Danang lodging to get the best service coupled with being able to explore the sights of the past or interesting things in the present because it is located near the ancient city of Hoi An, the ruins of Cham on My Son, and the beautiful Ba Na Hill.

If you decide to rent a car and accompanied by a local guide. Here are some places that you can visit in Da Nang, Vietnam, who knows might be a reference for your trip.

Ling Ung Pagoda

Pagoda Ling Ung is located in Son Tra Peninsula. This pagoda has the statue of the Goddess Kuan Iim or the Goddess of Mercy as high as 67 meters, which is also the highest statue in Vietnam. The surrounding community believes that the presence of this giant monument protects the fishermen from danger.

The beauty of Chinese-style architecture adds to the beauty of this place. In addition to sculpture, there are also temples with beautiful gardens. Because it is located in the highlands, you can see the view of the beautiful sea from here.

The Dragon Bridge

On the way to the Dragon Bridge, the next holiday destination in Da Nang, you can stop by several beaches.

The Dragon Bridge stands above the Han River. It reaches 666 meters in length and has been opened to the public since 2013. The scenery presented around it is very beautiful, perfect for taking photographs.

At the Dragon Bridge, actually it would be more fun if you visit this bridge at night because there will be a row of beautiful lights spoil the eyes.

Marble Mountains

The next destination while on vacation in Da Nang is towards Marble Mountain. This beautiful place has a row of beautiful rock cliffs. You can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama, cultural heritage, and spiritual tourism.

There are two ways to reach the top of Marble Mountain, namely by climbing the elevator or stairs. If you choose the second option, you don’t have to pay additional fees. Meanwhile, to use the elevator, you are required to pay VND15,000.

If you climbed hundreds of steps, it might take about 15 minutes.

There are several spots that should not be missed when visiting the Marble Mountains. Among them are Huyen Khong Cave and Hell Chili. The view from up here is very beautiful, especially when the afternoon when the sun begins to set.

If you go on vacation to Da Nang City, the above destination is a good place for you to visit because it is a pity if you miss it just like that. How, interested in exploring around there?