Want to Try “Live on Board” Vacation? Consider These Important Things!

There are many ways to enjoy sea tourism in Thailand; one of them is Liveaboards Thailand tour. Tourists will be taken around to dive sites using the boat that has been provided. In this tour, tourists will stay on the ship for several days in the middle of the sea. One of the best Live on Board packages is the Similan Islands tour. Besides diving and enjoying the view from the boat, tourists will also be invited to explore the mainland to do climbing hills and visiting tourist villages. Interested in trying Live on Board? Before deciding, some tips need to be prepared so that the tour remains comfortable and enjoyable.

1. Clothes Required

On the boat, we will never be sure about the sea condition. The clothes we need will also be different from the usual clothes. Bring a thick jacket because the night wind on the boat is firm and cold. One type of jacket that can be carried is a thermal jacket. As for the afternoon, when the weather is hot, don’t forget to bring a cotton shirt, sunblock, and sunglasses.

2. Food

For food problems, you can consult with the tour service provider. Usually, service providers offer some choices such as Thai and Western food during the tour.

3. Bring Medicines

Do not forget to bring personal-medicine to anticipate things that are not desirable. if you suddenly get sick, you can immediately consume your medicines so your vacation will not be messed up

4. Prepare for Body Health

Since liveaboard tours visit many diving spots, make sure you are ready to dive or learn to dive. To make this activity running well, Physical must be in good condition. You can exercise regularly for one week before the Live On Board trip.

For tourists who want to try Live On Board, make sure you have diving equipment such as Buoyancy Control Device diving equipment, booties, fins, masks, regulators. If you don’t have diving equipment, you can rent at Khaolak Scuba Adventures.