Traveling to the Mountain, First Check These 5 Tips

One of the fun activities done while on vacation is to go up the mountain. In addition to adrenaline, the beauty at the top of the mountain and the panoramic expanse of the surroundings so there are no two attractions. Before that, consider the following 5 tips first.

1. Learn the location of the mountain to be climbed

One important preparation before climbing a mountain is to study the terrain and location of your destination mountain. Because, each mountain has a different hiking trail.

On Mount Kerinci for example, the majority of the climbing terrain there is sand and mud. On Mount Rinjani, you have to walk uphill with a nearly 45-degree travel field.

You can learn the location of the climb from various sources on the internet, sites like detikTravel or ask climbers who have tried it. By knowing the terrain of the trip, you can prepare logistics and stamina appropriately.

2. Exercising before going up the mountain

Do not underestimate mountain climbing trips. It takes fit stamina and good body condition for a traveler to be able to reach its peak.

It’s a good idea to exercise a few weeks before climbing the day, like jogging. Climbing paths that are uphill, cold air, and thinning oxygen will be the toughest obstacle. Do exercise regularly and regularly, don’t forget to balance your rest time.

3. Provide equipment carefully and precisely

Common equipment that climbers carry is carrier bags, hiking shoes, jackets, folding knives, raincoats, portable cooking equipment, flashlights, whistles, compasses, and first aid kits. If you are camping out on a mountain, don’t forget to bring a mattress, tent and sleeping bag.

Carrier bags must be adjusted to the duration of the trip. If the trip is long, you can carry a carrier bag with a size of 80 liters. For portable cooking utensils, there are two types, nesting or Trangia. The difference is that nesting uses a stove with a mini gas hi-cook and if Trangia uses methyl. Just choose according to your needs!

Problem sleeping bag, it helps you wear a mummy type rather than blanket type. This type of mummy sleeping bag is to follow the body’s groove, shrink in the legs and have a zipper on the edge. This makes you warmer when camping out in the mountains.

4. Register first

Usually, some mountains have permits that require climbers to fill in their personal data and the duration of the trip. Don’t ignore the place, because the officers there will help you later.

Some of the mountains that are popular and require pringkakinya to make permission to climb are, Mount Kerinci, Mount Gede-Pangrango, Mount Argopuro, and Mount Semeru.

If you don’t go down the mountain on the written day, local officers will be eager to find you. They will comb the mountains to find you. They are the first people in the front line to help you.

5. Know the supplies and logistics

Food supplies play an important role in mountain climbing. Prepare sufficient food supplies, so you will not lack food or waste unnecessary food.

Bring foods such as rice, instant noodles, or corned beef that can be your diet. In addition, also prepare biscuits, chocolate and bread that will fill your energy while you walk uphill.

Now that’s the 5 tips that you must try while on vacation to the mountain. For those of you who want to vacation in the mountains, you can take a vacation in Mount Bromo by using the services of Mount Bromo Tour, as well as services from the travel agency Travel agents provides Bromo Tour Package at affordable prices.