The Origin of Scuba Diving

The beauty of the sea in Thailand which is dear to be missed makes scuba diving increasingly popular in recent times. More than that, scuba diving is not only as recreation but also is an alternative exercise that is beneficial to the health of the body and soul. The assets are the braveness and obeying diving regulations. With Manta Queen, Liveaboard Diving Thailand will be more complete. Not only on vacation, but you will also be taken in the islands of Similan, which is the best diving destination in Thailand.

Learning scuba diving can be done by taking courses at diving training institutions that have been spread in Thailand. The course cannot be taken for only 3 to 4 days. The training provided is in the form of:

  1. Theory. Learning about the ocean pressure, preparation for diving, selecting and maintaining diving equipment.
  2. Training in swimming pools. Start learning skills using equipment in water, adapting to the equipment, and dealing with emergencies.
  3. Practicum. Trying to dive in seawater, but it was still in shallow clear water and rich in coral reefs.


No need to be good at swimming. What is important, having a basic knowledge of swimming is sufficient. However, to pass the training, we are required to be able to swim. At least, it can swim as far as 200 m without tools and 400 m with the snorkel.

Several things must be prepared for diving, such as:

  • Diving certificate

It is recommended that each participant has a diving certificate. This certificate can be obtained after graduating from a course as you have learned the diving and it is appropriate to do scuba diving. The certificate is issued by international standard certified institutions, such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

The certificate informs you of the limits of depth allowed based on diving hours and the expertise gained. For example, for an initial level, called an open water level, it is only possible to dive to a depth of 18 m to 30 m.

Indeed, some places being tourists destination for diving without requiring visitors to have a certificate. Usually a place for diving trial and only dive to a depth of 5-7 m. But, certifications still needed if you want to do deeper exploration. Ownership of the certificate indicates that you know the rules that must be applied while diving. That is a guarantee of safety.


One of the requirements for diving is not to be panic easily. Panic makes you move more and more. The useless movement takes up the amount of oxygen in the oxygen tank. So, you have to be able to control the respiration. The more calm, the longer you stay in the water. One oxygen tube usually can be used for 15 minutes for the beginner, but for those who have experienced, it can be 1 – 1.5 hours.