The list of six best places to visit in Melbourne this Christmas

Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia is a tourist hot-spot. It attracts locals and millions of international visitors alike. This dynamic metropolitan city has cool vibes. There are tons of exciting things to see and do in Melbourne. Additionally, there is a bucket-list of beautiful places to visit as well. From Victorian buildings to lush green parks, the attractions are largely diverse. People living in this city also enjoy a favourable climate, excellent infrastructure and a great health care system. The food scene of the city is also diverse and budget-friendly. For a perfect culinary retreat, you can choose between diversified cuisines served at the restaurants. You can start exploring the city right away after landing. Don’t worry about your luggage. Just drop them at mindmybag and enjoy your day. 

For all first-time visitors, it is difficult to select where to go in this amazing City. We have made it ready for you. Over here is a list of six best places to visit in Melbourne for a unique holiday experience. Let’s explore them in details…

The list of six best places to visit in Melbourne this Christmas

Federation Square

Federation Square is an important building in Melbourne. This popular infrastructure was established during the ’60s. Later from 2002, it started serving as the city’s town square. Thus, it is the first touristic spot in Melbourne for the city sightseeing. We dropped our luggage with mindmybag near Flinders Street Station and started here. This building is conveniently located just opposite to the Flinders Street Station. You’ll be amazed to see this building’s brilliant design. It is an example of some great engineering work. Every year more than two thousand annual events are organised over here. The Ian Potter Centre for Australian art is also located here. If you are looking for free Wi-Fi spots, visit this place. If you want to know more about Federation Square, visit their official website.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Gardens is a beautiful green space located in the heart of Melbourne. It was built date backed in 1846. This is a massive garden and encompasses an area of over thirty-eight hectares. Over here you can discover nearly nine thousand variety of unique plant species. This garden also houses some rare plant specimens not found elsewhere. Visit here during the morning to enjoy the fresh air or take a relaxing walk in the afternoon. Also, during the summer months, live theatre entertains the crowds. This garden is also a popular spot to enjoy an open-air moonlight cinema at night. A large number of people also visit this garden for a family picnic. Get more details about the garden from this official site.

National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne is a cultural city. The National Gallery of Victoria is a perfect place to explore the art collection. This is also Australia’s oldest gallery of preserved art. It houses over seventy thousand enriched Australian Artworks collections. There are two buildings housing these massive art collections. One is in the St. Kilda Road building and the other in the Ian Potter Gallery, Federation Square. The former houses a vast range of international art collection whereas, the later contains an extensive collection of Australian Art. The Great Hall of the St. Kilda Road building is also a prime tourist attraction. It is because of the unique glass ceiling reflecting vibrant colours. However, don’t forget to marvel around the Ian Potter Gallery to learn about the Aboriginal works. Additional information is available in their official site.

Eureka Tower

The beautiful cosmopolitan city, Melbourne has many popular skyscrapers. The Eureka Tower is one of the most significant among them. This tall architecture was build in the memory of The Eureka Stockade. It is a ninety-one storied building with a gold crown and gold-plated windows. On a bright sunny day, it gives an amazing sparkling look. The most important part of the building is its Skydeck. It is located on the 88th floor and is recognised as Southern Hemisphere’s highest observation deck. The views you get from here will hold your breath. If you are not afraid of heights then definitely experience the Edge. The Edge in Eureka Tower is an additional three hundred meters glass suspension from the Skydeck. Thus, it gives an unforgettable 3D view of Melbourne City. Book Tickets online directly from their official site.

Explore Museums.

Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building are the two important buildings in the city. Include them in your city itinerary for the best places to visit in Melbourne. You can take a tram from CBD and reach this Museum. Surrounding the museum there is a beautiful garden to stroll around. Inside the Melbourne Museum, you’ll find a vast collection of diversified edifices. In addition to it, there is a beautiful gallery for Children. Royal Exhibition Building is another important museum in Melbourne. It is located very near to the Melbourne Museum. This building is a popular place to host various International Exhibitions in Melbourne. Therefore, visit and explore both these museums while marvelling around the city. Check the Melbourne Museum home page for additional details.

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Zoo is a great place to spend time with family. It was established in 1862 and entertaining public since then. The zoo is home to more than three hundred varieties of animal species. The Zoo organises exciting animal encounter shows to entertain all visitors. It is a perfect place for all animal lovers, kids and adults alike. Check the opening hours and the latest activities from this official page.