Take pictures with unique paintings at Art in Paradise Bangkok

Capturing a moment in the form of photographs is one of the obligations of many tourists. Moreover, nowadays technology has made it easier for us to get the camera at a cheaper price, plus a lot of media where we can share the moments in the form of photos such as social media.  In Thailand, there is one tourist attraction that is devoted to photo. It is Art in Paradise, a tourist attraction that is made in such a way that attracts the visitors to have fun with taking pictures in the middle of a unique art gallery?

Art in Paradise is a tourist site with an interactive attraction that is very successful attracting the attention of many visitors. This attraction was first built in Pattaya and now has opened branches on Ratchada Road. If you want to visit Art in Paradise, don’t forget to stay at Ibis Bangkok, located on Ratchada Road 212, Ibis Style Bangkok is the perfect accommodation if you want to capture a moment at Art in Paradise.

Art in Paradise is an art gallery that presents unique paintings. The paintings shown in this place are not like paintings in general made on canvas in the frame and enjoyed by art lovers. All the paintings here are directly painted on the wall and on the floor.

The concept used is to reveal a pleasant life through the use of art in a unique way. the paintings in Art in Paradise use art techniques where a two-dimensional image (2D) will be transformed into a three-dimensional image (3D) through the use of optical illusions. The paintings presented at Art in Paradise Bangkok itself are very diverse and many, such as paintings about nature, paintings about the icons of the country (Egypt, Italy, and so on), and even the underwater atmosphere. Uniquely, this art gallery has features that can interact with visitors through the detection of facial expressions and movements.

Art in Paradise Bangkok consists of two floors filled with many of the unique paintings. For those who love to take pictures, this place is one of the places that is quite extraordinary and makes us want to be there in a long time to get a good and interesting photo result. If you have a plan to visit Art in Paradise Bangkok, it is advisable to bring a tripod, so as to take pictures alone or together with your partner. Please note, visitors are not allowed to bring food or drinks into this gallery.

We can visit Art in Paradise Bangkok every day, starting at 10 am until 10 pm. Although it operates until 10 pm, the entrance ticket service will only operate until 9 pm. After 9 p.m., we have to wait the next day to buy a ticket. You can take your family, spouse, relatives, friends, or best friends to enjoy the fun at this Art in Paradise.