Take a vacation at the Naroua Beachfront Resort

If the happy key is determined by the amount of experience gathered and not the goods, then Koh Tao is the right place. Soak in one of Naroua’s swimming pools, surprise your partner with a Romantic Beach Picnic, or relax wearing pajamas while your butler prepares Traditional Thai dishes.


Whether the amazing sea view that can be seen from the Ocean Beach Pool sounds like a perfect day, or you need a body treatment at the Spa that has been provided, besides that other facility scattered at Naroua Villas Koh Tao will improve the quality of your vacation.


With a variety of activities worth memorable, Thai Cooking Class, Island tour on a private longtail boat, Rock climbing, Muay Thai courses, Fishing trips or start your morning by doing soothing yoga classes in the lush Naroua area by the trees.

Naroua Villa in Koh Toh, Thailand offers a direct view of the Mae Haad Sea, Sairee and Koh Nang Yuan, Naroua presents a beach oasis at the edge of a cliff.

Enjoy extraordinary moments with experience in the iconic villa pool.

Each luxury villa with one or two rooms is located in a private garden area. Relax on the deck of the private pool with incredible views. Luxurious interiors with classy furniture, impressive bathrooms and a dining room that provides comfort.

Luxury villa in Naroua with a private pool on Koh Toh Thailand

Welcome to Villa Naroua, a stunning tropical resort villa consisting of unique luxury villas with private pools located on Koh Toh Thailand. Naroua offers a beautiful panoramic view of the beautiful blue sea, one, two and three-bedroom mixed privacy pool villas bring tranquility while on vacation and with maximum comfort of villa service.

The ideal villas as a vacation spot for honeymooners, couples, families or groups. All villas offered by Naroua are modern in style, combined with complete interiors and surrounded by luxurious vegetation and away from the urban hustle.

Naroua villa resorts offer a luxurious holiday experience in Thailand. Like your honeymoon and your partner will love the views of the Maa Haad Sea.

How about a vacation to Thailand with natural villas but still cheap?

/What are you waiting for, let’s book and make your sweet memories with Naroua Villa.