Prime 10 Things About Touring With Teens

Tinos, just a few hours away from Rafina and a breath away from the cosmopolitan Mykonos, promises an authentic Cycladic aroma, but also the luxury of empty beaches. -Dania: Monday to Friday open from 06.00. Saturday open until 17.00. Sundays: open from 10.00-17.00 on the first Sunday of each month, on the Sunday before Christmas and another 6 Sundays of the year. On this day, the custom of “Babos” or “Brexoudia” is revived.

Consists of travel ideas and health information. Gr. Traditional stone house with spacious and furnished rooms. The price of a kilo of wool in 1988 was $ 12.sixty nine dollars and last year only 7.64. It is noted, however, that while wool exports decreased, sheep exports increased.

On the days of the Twelfth Day, in villages where there are refugees from Pontus, such as the Sitagros and Platanias, the “Momogeroi” are revived. However, the trader is given …