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Phuket. Who has never heard the name of the largest island in Thailand? It is one of the mainstay tourist destinations. Last year I failed to visit this island. But this time I was very grateful. My desire to be able to set foot on a premium class island, one of the islands that have the most exotic beaches in Southeast Asia, soon came true. How not. The beauty of the coral islands around Phuket makes Hollywood film producers smitten for shooting there. For example, The Beach (2000), starring Leonardo DiCaprio, chose Ko Phi Phi Lee (ko = island) as the location for shooting.

Not only the islands and beaches that are owned by Phuket, the nightlife often triggers the curiosity of travelers. Not surprisingly, many people say: if you are looking for nightlife, Phuket is your choice and Bangla Road in the Patong Beach area is a paradise. in Patong itself, there are many hotels, ranging from Swissotel Patong, Grand Mercure, and others.

Since I was in the cabin of the plane that took me from Bangkok to Phuket International Airport, I couldn’t wait to see the beauty of this island. Shortly before the plane landed, I was busy admiring the group of islands that stretched along the Andaman Sea. Clusters of rocks that protrude from the sea form abstract formations.

My arrival in Phuket was not far from the mass riots in the capital city of the White Elephant Country. Had occurred to discourage, but what enthusiasm to visit this sexy and slightly naughty little island could not just evaporate from my brain since I had a flight ticket Bangkok-Phuket, last August.

From the airport, we rented a minivan at a rate of 700 baht to Patong. This is the price of the cortex because, after news about politics in Thailand, tourist visits to Phuket have also declined. As a result, many transport operators have lowered their rates. The normal price for a minivan rental to Patong from the airport is 1,200 baht.

a price that is quite expensive. Luckily, I already knew that the price was appropriate for the one-day tour, so I showed my silence and smiled. For some reason, the travel agent suddenly lowered the price to 1,200 baht. Well, I began to bid. Finally, we agreed on the price of 800 baht with details of the shuttle from the inn, snorkeling complete with equipment, buffet lunch, and touring on several islands, such as Ao Ton Sai, Loh Sama Bay, Pileh Bay, Birdsnest-Viking Cave, and Ko Phi Phi Lee.

It’s time we headed to Patong, where we stayed at 48 Ruam Jai Road. If observant, it is not difficult to find SWISSOTEL RESORT PHUKET PATONG BEACH. We smile realizing that in a famous tourist destination expensive there is always air conditioning for backpackers like us: An exclusive hotel in the middle of the city with a direct view towards Patong Beach.

The next day Ko Phi Phi Lee is our final destination. The limited-time given is indeed a little to make us disappointed. So, on the deck of the ship on the way home, I promised in my heart would come back to enjoy the beauty of the island of Phuket and its surroundings.