How to clean bathroom accessories

With a little preparation and the right bathroom cleaning products, cleaning all parts of the bathroom can be quick and easy!

When you think about how to clean a bathroom, other than scrubbing the toilet, washing and bathing or showering, what else is there to think about? What about the much-overlooked bathroom accessories: the soap dish, the toothbrush holder and the toilet brush? These items are also magnets for bacteria and should be cleaned regularly. Below are a few great bathroom cleaning tips that show how everyday household items can be easily used as bathroom cleaners to tackle the overlooked accessories. Always remember to wear protective clothing when using cleaning products and keep the bathroom well ventilated.

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How to clean a toothbrush holder

Of all the accessories in your bathroom, the toothbrush holder is perhaps the most important to keep clean. Any bacteria can be easily transferred to the toothbrush and then to your body, via your mouth – something to keep in mind if you are struggling to clean motivation! How you clean your toothbrush holder will depend on what you hold your toothbrushes in; an old glass or a simple metal holder can just get stuck in the dishwasher once a week, but ceramic toothbrush holders are harder to care for.