How to Build a Unique Modern House

Have you ever heard of unique home designs? As the name implies, this building carries an unusual concept, giving rise to a unique impression. However, the style of a unique design house is not much different from other styles. It’s just the house that has the characteristics that match the owner.

So, how to build a unique house with a modern style?


The concept is the main point that you should think carefully before designing a dream home. When talking about the architecture of a unique and modern house, you have to relate it to the layout of the space. Please prioritize in terms of function, practicality, and aesthetics.

It is highly recommended to apply the open-plan concept. With this concept, you can combine several spaces into one functional area. Instead of walls, use materials such as large stone tiles or different lighting techniques. This method will make the room seem more spacious because it does not use any wall.

For home design, you are free to express. For example, a house with a rounded shape with a round motif or a half-circle shaped like a ball. Whatever your choice, be sure to always prioritize comfort so you feel like your home is the ‘home sweet home’


You are free to choose the color you want to use. However, consider choosing colors that match your personality. Remember, a unique home reflects your identity. If you like simple things, you can use neutral colors. White is preferred because it gives a clean and spacious impression.

Pastel color is perfect for those of you who have an open personality. This color is very soft and able to provide comfort to the residents. For those of you who are adventurous, it is advisable to choose bright colors. This color will give a strong and vibrant feel.

The color of wood or soil can create a warm home. Otherwise, the combination of wood or earth with green color gives a more natural impression as if integrated with nature. This color combination is also effective for reducing pressure because it is soothing.


To liven up the modern impression in your home, choose multifunctional furniture. Instead of an ordinary bed, use a bed with a saving container. You can use the space under the bed to store blankets or sheets. The room will look more presentable.

To save expenses, you can choose a desk rack. This furniture functions as a desk as well as a bookshelf. The activity of reading a book or writing a document becomes more practical and comfortable.

A house with a modern feel always brings balance by presenting natural elements inside and outside the room. You can add decorations in the form of green plants in the family room, kitchen corner, bathroom, and bedroom. Also besides giving a beautiful impression, the room will look more lively and beautiful.