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Yangon, Myanmar is one of the most exciting destinations to visit. With various attractions in Yangon ranging from historic sites to malls and night markets, Yangon is the most visited city in the world by tourists. Not to mention the nightlife that is one of the activities that must be done and experienced in Yangon. Therefore, it is not surprising that this city has become a home for hotels in Yangon, some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. However, to find the best hotel in Yangon is not easy because there are many choices available. To make your vacation more memorable and comfortable, let us share about one of the best hotels in Yangon.

The New Meaning of ‘Luxury’

Let us introduce one of the luxury hotels in Yangon located in the middle of Yangon, the 5 Star Hotel Yangon, Novotel Hotel. This hotel gives a new meaning to ‘luxury’ which is reflected in the aesthetics of the services and amenities. You can feel the grandeur in every aspect of you stepping into the lobby and being greeted with a warm smile.

Likewise with the elegant design and in accordance with warm colors, spacious rooms and windows that provide stunning and impressive views of the city. Each room will provide maximum comfort with a spacious bed, pillows and cotton sheets. In addition, this hotel also has a personal service for you for 24 hours.


Apart from the aesthetic side, this luxury speaks through their facilities and services. You can enjoy services that suit your needs and exceptional facilities. Apart from that, as one of the best hotels in Yangon, this hotel can also be visited on business grounds with amazing conference and seminar equipment.

 Also, you can swim a round or two while being surrounded by transparent walls and enjoy stunning views of Yangon city from the rooftop of the Novotel Hotel! However, if you let a day go by without exercising, you can count on the Fitness Club or relax at the spa after a day around Yangon.

You can also enjoy and fill your stomach with sumptuous food from a variety of food choices at the Novotel Hotel. One of them is LE CELLIER – serving a variety of dishes with a romantic dining room. In addition, ROYAL PAVILION CHINESE RESTAURANT also serves Chinese specialties according to your wishes. Whatever your choice will not be a problem because Novotel Hotel presents a variety of starred chefs since 2013 to ensure you get an unforgettable experience.

 Living in one of the most exciting cities in the world would not be complete without exploring it. And with its strategic location, Novotel Hotel is only minutes away from places and attractions in Yangon, such as Maha Bandoola Park and the Bogyoke Market shopping center.

Located in the city center, this Novotel Yangon hotel provides maximum comfort to reach the train station and attractions in Yangon with exceptional service and facilities – what else is lacking?