Guide to Choosing a Child-Friendly Hotel for Family Vacation in Phuket

Inviting children to vacation in Phuket together is very fun. However, for a pleasant holiday experience, you also need to choose the right hotel that considers child-friendly.

To get the best child-friendly hotel, these are some factors you need to consider:

1. Availability of facilities for children

The first consideration is ensuring that the hotel provides individual support facilities for children. Some of the facilities needed are swimming pools for children, kid’s clubs, large parks, and many more. You can find the facilities mentioned above if you stay at Swissotel Kamala. This hotel is  5 Star Hotel Kamala Beach in Phuket that is child-friendly.

2. Consider a hotel that is far from the crowd

When vacationing with your child, make sure that you get lodging in a comfortable area, such as in a place that is far from the crowd. The hotel environment is important so that your children can rest in peace in the hotel. Also, make sure that the distance between the hotel and the destination you want to visit during vacation can be reached easily.

Please choose a hotel that is close to the place to be visited. The distance between lodging and destinations should be close since children can get bored if they stay too long in the transportation. As an additional consideration, make sure the hotel has public transportation in its surroundings.

3. Choose a room with a spacious size

When looking for child-friendly hotels in Phuket, make sure that the hotel you choose has a large size room. A big room is very suitable for family rooms. This type of place not only has a broader room size but also often accompanied by an extra bed for your child.

4. Pay attention to the position of the room

The room position also needs to be considered. When on vacation with children, avoid the choice of a place at a height floor. A slippery floor also needs to be avoided.

Well, if you stay in separate rooms, choose a hotel that has connected rooms. The connected room allows parents to check the condition of the child’s room directly without having to go through the front door.