Go on Holiday with Coworkers – Why Not?

Holidays are the most anticipated time for everyone. There is no doubt that holidays are loved by all, it doesn’t matter whether you stay near or go far, holidays are the time to free yourself from work and enjoy your hobbies or explore new places. Try doing something new in your home town, throwing a party for friends and family or better yet go abroad to explore. If you do choose to go abroad you will be pleased to know your choice is a good one, studies have shown that travelling really does make you happier.

Aside from choosing where you will go and when, the other big decision is to choose whether to go it alone, join a tour or select a good travel partner. It is no surprise that many people tend to go for a vacation with their close friends, life partner, or family members as it is a good chance to spend quality time together as well as avoiding discomfort brought about by being surrounded by strangers. Still, as modern lives become increasingly more isolated and work orientated some people are beginning to choose to take their trips with coworkers.

There are many good reasons why you might want to try travelling with your co-workers. Traveling with a coworker is good for getting to know each other better which will not only be good when you are back at work but also you may end up making a new lifelong friend. It can be hard to meet people these days so the workplace is one of the best places to find potential friends and what better way to test your compatibility than by traveling together. A traveller and mental health blogger went traveling with her coworkers – twice, even – and it turned out well. She argued that travelling with your coworkers could enhance your teamwork with them, for nothing builds teamwork like navigating a foreign country together. You will also bond with your coworkers during the trip which will be an asset to your cooperation back in the office. Likewise, when the trip is over, you both could chip in and buy Australian corporate gifts for your other coworkers and bosses back at work!

Before you go make sure you have open discussions about boundaries, the type of traveller they are, what they do and do not like to do and what their budget is. You want to ensure you are compatible travellers before you go, even if you get on well in the office, you may have entirely different travelling styles which could cause tension. As long as you have had the necessary discussions, cooperate well together and treat each other with respect then there is no reason why going travelling with co-workers should be avoided. Have fun, explore new places and hopefully become close friends in the process!

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