Exploring The History Of Old Town Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town is a historically rich, vivacious and busy part of the Rhodes Island in Greece. Some of the prehistoric buildings of Knights are still being used by different professionals as their workplace today.

Being a well-organized place, the old town of Rhodes is an enthralling resort for the visitors. It carries lots of shops, Rhodes town hotels and restaurants. The medieval town is known as one of the best-conserved prehistoric sites in Europe.

In 1988, UNESCO decided to enlist the Rhodes Old Town in the World Heritage Sites. Entrance to this place and visiting its different sites makes you feel like a part of entirely different world.

To really enjoy your stay and explore the historical treasures of the place, one must know the history of the town. You can also stay at the Rhodes town hotels to really live and experience the ancient culture of the place. There are many good Rhodes town hotels in the old town where you can live close to the historical sites.

History of Old Town Rhodes:

Rhodes Island had three major states Kamiros, Ialyssos and Lindos that were inhabited in 408 B.C. and formed the Rhodes city. The new city enhanced and promoted trade activities and caused the economic condition of the place to improve.

Romans rule:

Before the Romans ruled, the island had become one of the economic powers in Aegean Sea. The island faced different attacks during different times when different enemies tried to invade the island. For a long time the city resisted enemy attacks. High cultural growth was also seen in the city at this time during 300 B.C.

Colossus of Rhodes was built during this period by the famous builder Charis. This wonder was made to symbolise the power and wealth of the city. There are many churches from the Roman rule which are still well preserved.

Rule of Knights:

After the fall of Roman Empire, the Rhodes city came under the rule of Knights. The Knight?s governance period was from 1309 A.D. to 1522 A.D. Walls, gates and palaces present in the old town of Rhodes were built during this period. The walls were built to defend the city against the attacks of the Turks.

Turkish Rule:

When the Turks dominated and ruled the city in 1522, they made many new buildings and structures. They constructed several public baths, mosques, mansions in the area. They also added minarets to churches and made wooden houses.

Italian period:

The Italian period that was from 1912 onwards added several Italian cultural features to the place. They built and renovated several places. The palaces from the knight?s period were preserved. The Italians undertook large infrastructure projects including construction of roads, building, electricity and ports etc.

While looking at the infrastructure of the Medieval Rhodes Town, one comes to realize the extraordinary influences of various civilizations that ruled it from time to time. The architecture of its well preserved historical buildings still catches attraction of various visitors from different parts of the world.

A wide variety of Rhodes town hotels can be found in the medieval buildings that carry a unique architecture of different shapes and periods. There are many hotels located near to historical sites. You can access a well-known hotel ?Paris Hotel? by a walking-distance of five minutes from St Francisco Roman Catholic Church.