Explore Phuket by Renting a Boat from a Yacht

Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. Phuket itself has many beautiful beaches that can be chosen to explore. When vacationing in Phuket, you should never miss visiting the unique islands. Not only to rent luxury ships, but Isabella Yachts Phuket also offers Catamaran Hire Phuket trips with a choice of routes and options to make your trip memorable, both day and night.

With the Phuket Yacht charters, you can explore the natural beauty of the island and beaches around Phuket from a private luxury yacht for yourself. Traveling on our Phuket boat charter service has a wide selection of fleets, routes, and exceptional services that you can get. All cruises on the Isabella Yacht Phuket are privately owned and managed. Each ship has at least two crew working full time, which guarantees the condition of the boat throughout the year. If you want a private vacation, we also provide private island tours with the best quality cruises available in Phuket.

Some of the most amazing and easily accessible destinations that can be obtained by this ship are Phang Nga. Phang Nga is a place for one of the James Bond movies. 

There is also Phi Phi Island, a place for one of Lionardo Di Caprio’s film. The island offers a spectacular combination of scenery, colors, and the best dive sites in the world. But those are just a few of the most popular destinations, Phuket still has more islands to explore with a variety of Isabella Yachts private boat charters.