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Toothache in children is not only painful for the child, but also often troublesome for both parents at home. Children become restless and cranky, do not want to eat even until they can not sleep at night. To overcome toothache in children it is advisable to go to the Dentist immediately at the time of the complaint. However, in an emergency how to deal with a toothache in children can be done by providing dental painkillers before being referred to the Dentist.

Causes of Toothache In Children

A toothache is a pain felt in or around the teeth and jaw. This pain is more painful when exposed to cold and sweet food or drink. In more severe conditions, the pain can turn into throbbing pain, causing dizziness even resulting in the cheeks becoming swollen. If this is the case, your baby must be fussy and can’t do the usual activities.

So what the hell is the cause of toothache in this child? Toothache in children and adults has causes that do not differ much, namely lack of dental and oral hygiene and poor diet, namely lack of fibrous food.

As is well known, children like foods that are sweet or high in sugar. These types of foods if left in the oral cavity, can be very dangerous for teeth. Why? When food is left in the oral cavity and settles for a long period, bacteria will make sugar substances in the rest of the food able to secrete acidic substances. Acidic substances will damage the email layer of teeth or so-called perforated teeth.

Another cause of toothache is the absence of a disturbing or quite serious health condition suffered by the child. It’s just that the toothache caused by this disease is quite relative and not as much and as certain as tooth decay due to food.

Understanding Dental Problems in Children

To get more information, let’s take a look at the following dental issues!

  • Teething New

In children under 10-12 years, there is a possibility of toothache caused by the growth of new teeth to replace milk teeth. This process sometimes involves tearing the gums or dating old teeth. Not infrequently, these things cause the child to feel a toothache.

  • Perforated Teeth

Most eat sweets, chocolate as well as a variety of other sweet foods as well as bottle feeding at night sleep can cause perforated teeth. The child’s teeth will look brownish. If left unchecked and not done by the Dentist, the damage will become deeper so that it reaches the dentin layer of the tooth and causes pain if exposed to food.

Perforated teeth, especially on molars, are often the place where food is tucked away. Well, from this tucked food then there is a decay process and further damages the inside of the tooth until it reaches the nerves of the tooth and causes throbbing pain. Also, perforated teeth in children are generally caused by poor tooth cleaning.

  • Swollen Gums

The decay of food by bacteria when food is left in the oral cavity not only hurts the nerves of the teeth but also causes inflammation of the teeth as well as in the gums. Widespread swelling is not only visible in the mouth but can also be seen up to the cheeks. The face will look at illness, accompanied by severe pain, and fever, in advanced circumstances can cause difficulty when swallowing.

How to Overcome Toothache in Children

A sore tooth certainly can’t be left. The pain that the child feels will greatly interfere with his activities. This will certainly interfere with the learning process that he gets if he is already in school age. Even if he does not attend school, toothache will make him limp and lazy to explore the surrounding environment. That’s why you need to immediately take her to the Dentist for treatment on her teeth. In an emergency, here are some steps to overcome toothache in your child that you can try!

  • Mouthwash with Warm Water

This traditional way has powerful results. You don’t have to bother preparing ingredients, just a glass of warm water. Let your little one gargle for some time, and wait for the properties immediately. If needed, you can add salt for maximum results.

  • Clove Oil Spread

Clove oil has a content that can cause numbing effects on sore teeth and gums. Well, you can pour a little clove oil into the cotton wool, then stick it or tuck it in the ailing part of the tooth. Clove oil acts as a local Anesthine so the pain subsides and then disappears.

  • Compress Cheeks with Cold Water

Not infrequently, the cheeks become swollen because the gums are in trouble when the teeth hurt. If this happens, you can try to compress your little one’s cheeks with cold water or ice water. Some people also try to wrap ice cubes and stick them on the cheeks. You can try one of the most suitable and likable of your child.

  • Garlic

Easy to get at home, garlic has an essential content that can relieve toothache. All you have to do is shake the onion and put it on the sore tooth. Wait until the pain is gone.

  • Give the Lime

Lime is also able to reduce the pain that appears. Its high vitamin C content can relieve toothache. The way is easy, simply cut the lime into small pieces, then place it right on the part of the tooth that hurts. Leave for a few minutes, then replace it if still needed.

  • Give Painkillers

The administration of painkillers should be used as a last resort if other natural ways above have been tried, but have not given maximum results. There are several types of painkillers suitable for toothache in children. These drugs address toothache in children by inhibiting nerve pain relief or causing pain.

Preventing Toothache in Children

While there are so many ways to deal with a toothache in children, it is best to prevent a toothache from occurring. Therefore, you need to teach the child to do some of the things below, as well as hold regular supervision every day considering the child is easily bored and does not yet know the importance of maintaining health properly and properly.

  • Clean and Take Good Care of Teeth

Cleaning and treating teeth well can be done by brushing your teeth 2 times a day. Teach the child to get used to brushing their teeth in the morning after breakfast and before going to bed at night. It is important to avoid the absence of food that is tucked away and decayed to damage teeth and gums.

  • Ensuring Fluoride Adequacy

Fluoride plays an important role in replacing minerals lost to teeth, which is why you should ensure the adequacy of fluoride in children’s teeth. One is to provide it with toothpaste with fluoride for toothbrushes. You can also give your child a supplement from steel bite pro to protect their teeth from gingivitis.

  • Getting Used to a Healthy Diet

Food that goes into the mouth and is eaten by the child is another important factor to be aware of. Getting used to children eating healthy and natural foods is the key to maintaining the best dental health. Avoid eating too much candy, chocolate, and drinking fizzy or overly sweet drinks.

Preventing toothache can also be done through regular check-ups to the dentist. Get used to your child checking your teeth every 6 months. With regular to the dentist, the condition of the tooth will always be monitored and can be done preventive stages so that there is no damage and teething. Your doctor will also suggest the best treatment according to your child’s dental health condition.