Best Beaches In Venice Italy

After lots of lying on sand and swimming in the sea – painstaking research for sure. My family and I have produced our Venice Italy Beach Guide and the beaches featured are the beaches that we think are the best beaches in the Veneto.

Rosolina Beach

This beach is over 8 kilometers long, with clean, fine sand. Because of the size of the beach it is rarely overcrowded except for August and on weekends in July. Not only is this a long beach but it is over 100 meters wide.

You will need to put up with the regimented rows of umbrellas, but because of the size of the beach it is bearable. There is also plenty to do with most hotels offering swimming pools and tennis courts. I would suggest hiring bicycles and exploring a little as well. This is just the sort of place I like cycling – nice and flat.

Albarella Beach

Next beach in the Venice Italy Beach guide is just along the road from Rosolina. The beach is on a private island that falls within a nature reserve.

Albarella island is only about five kilometers long by two kilometers wide and is famous for having around two million trees. The name, Albarella, means Poplar  island is private – only guests staying here are allowed in and this place is really paradise if you have kids – my five year old puts this as the number one beach.


Alberoni is the last Lido beach. Venice Lido has quite a few beaches but this is my favorite. Not anything spectacular but definitely a pleasant enough beach and free as well.Surprisingly it does not look quite as much like an umbrella landing zone as so many of the beaches around the north of Italy and frankly I am not much into regimented rows of deck chairs and  beach is set in a nature reserve and really does seem a world away from the hustle and bustle of Venice. A great idea if you feel energetic is to hire a bike and explore the island.