Best Australian Gifts to Bring Home for Your Beloved Family

Bringing home souvenirs when you are traveling far away is something that relatives often look forward to at home. However, to get Australian souvenirs turns out to be tricky. There are times when things that we think are funny and interesting but actually have prices that exceed our spending budget. Below, we will give an Australian gift idea of what are unique and beautiful objects for you to bring home as souvenirs for your family and friends who look forward to.

1. Koala Soft Toy

Koalas are typical Australian marsupials, has thick fur, big ears, and fairly long limbs.

  • Premium quality material, so it is safe for children
  • Soft material with neat seams
  • The shape is designed like the original animal

2. Kangaroo Balls Pouch

This product is made and processed using the original Kangaroo scrotum which has obeyed the Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service rules and regulations. Authentic Australian-made products that you can be proud of as a memento, both for personal collections and for relatives.

3. Macadamia Australian Tea

Creamy tea made from original tea leaf ingredients from Australian island. Hygienically processed and prioritize superior taste and quality. It is perfectly souvenir for tea lovers around the world. Macadamia tea is actually a tea mixed with macadamia which is a kind of nut that resembles hazelnut but is more dominant in its distinctive and tempting aroma. Therefore, do not be surprised if this creamy tea is one of the Australia giftsthat always hunted by tourists.

4. Australian soccer polo shirt

This polo shirt is perfect for a gift for sports fans. Made from premium quality polyester material with good fabric fiber so it is comfortable to wear especially when doing sports. It has the Australian country icon and star decoration on the front.

5. Wetsuit cooler

A cooler that is very appropriate to keep your drinks cool all day. Made from a water-resistant material that is safe for drinking water storage.

  • Australian flag cap

Hats in the style of Australian flags that are modern and sporty. Made from cotton that is soft and comfortable on the head. It is suitable for protection from the sun.

Those are some alternative Australian gift ideas that can help you find suitable items to take home as a gift for friends and family who await your arrival. Hopefully, this article helps eliminate your confusion.