Amazing architecture in Amsterdam

The architecture in Amsterdam is a variation of a lot of different styles. There are a lot of buildings that look very modern and others date back to the 1700’s, you can see this everywhere you look. In this article I’m gonna list some beautiful places in Amsterdam that are definitely worth a quick visit.

Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam’s central station is one of the most recognisable buildings in Amsterdam. The station is used by more than 250.000 passengers each day. It’s the main railroad station and located in the heart of the city. It’s in the city which makes it easy for passengers to go into the city to shop, go to a bar, club or whatever they want to do. The building started in 1881 and it was opened to the public in 1889. The station was designed by three people; P.J.H. Cuypers and A.L. van Gendt designed the station itself and L.J. Eijmer designed the station canopy.

NEMO Science Museum

The NEMO Science Museum is an example of a more modern approach to the amsterdam architecture. It’s the largest science museum in the Netherlands and you can admire a view of the city from its rooftop. The building is designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. It’s a lovely spot to visit and learn more about science. It’s fun to go there as an adult and as a kid, a lot of schools choose to go there to teach their students more about science.

Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is another museum Amsterdam. It’s a museum with art exhibitions about modern and abstract art. It’s located on the side of ‘Museumplein’, the huge plaza where most of the museums in Amsterdam are located. The museum is inside a villa that was designed by Eduard Cuypers in 1904. Back then it was one of the first private houses located around ‘Museumplein’.

Het Scheepvaarthuis

‘Het Scheepvaarthuis’ – The shipping house in English – is a large building which was originally designed as an office space for six shipping companies. It was designed by J.M. van der Mey to show off the amount of power these companies held back then; the building was finished in 1928. It’s the first building that was built in the ‘Amsterdam school style’. These days the old building is used as a hotel, so you can stay there and admire all the decorative pieces that still show the buildings origins and that is of course what you want.