A Perfect, Carefree Vacation

In this crazy world we are in who doesn’t dream of a care free relaxing vacation. The idea of going to a tropical paradise right now sounds like a wonderful thing to do. A Hawaii cruise is the perfect way to get away. Hopping from tropical island to another is the perfect way to find a carefree time. With each stop aboard your cruise you will stop at the port. Get off the ship and be carefree and barefoot in the sand. Enjoying the sound of the waves crashing aboard the sea shore is a perfect way to rid the stress that this year has brought us.

Taking a Hawaii cruise is the perfect way to enjoy a taste of all the islands. There are a few cruise lines that offer the island-hopping cruise. Typically you spend a day in each port where you get to go to the beach and soak in some sun. If you are more adventurous you can take a tour of a volcano or go for a hike in the tropical forest. However you choose to enjoy your port it will be a relaxing and carefree experience. Each island offers something unique that is well worth seeing. If you didn’t take the cruise then it would be a more stressful task to see all of the islands. It can be done with charter planes however it simply adds more stress for what should be a relaxing time.

Choosing to do a cruise over exploring yourself simplifies your whole trip. It takes all the stress of planning and booking activities and hotels. You fly to the island. You hop on a cruise and you take in the sun while drinking a tropical drink. There is no extra stress or planning. It really is the most carefree way to go. While on the ship you will be spoiled. Drinks delivered to your balcony and seat. Food prepared for you everyday. It will feel like paradise before you ever get to the beach. To see the volcanoes flowing into the ocean is an experience that one would never have without a cruise either. The ships go by an area where the lava meets the ocean. This is beautiful and well worth it.

Most of us are in desperate need of a carefree vacation right now. Something to take us away from life for a little while. Take us to a beach where we can stick our barefoot toes in the sand. It has been a long hard year for most of us and it will be time to unwind. Taking a cruise is the simplest most cost effective way to be able to enjoy that. Many cruise lines offer specials for extra people in the cabin. They also offer drink specials or a certain amount off of a tour in port. Look around at the available deals and options. If you ask sometimes you are lucky enough to get upgrades as well. If the cabin doesn’t sell out they might upgrade you to make room for someone else. Ask your travel agent about options for upgrades that are available. It will be worth the upgrade. One thing that is very enjoyable on a cruise is having a balcony. You have your own private place to hang out and relax with a drink in hand. Overlooking the beautiful islands you are visiting. If you have the money, it is definitely worth the upgrade to at least a balcony. If you are on a tight budget that is ok too. You can still find a lounge chair on the deck and soak in the sun that way too. Either way. Soak up the sun and go on the cruise. You deserve it.

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