8 Kinds of Gardening Tools That Must Have

Gardening activities at home using various kinds of gardening tools have been proven to have many benefits for one’s health. Among these are reduced risk of heart disease, increased endurance, maintaining brain health, and increasing hand coordination and strength.
To support gardening activities, you need a number of gardening tools that must be owned. Not only so that the gardening session becomes more comfortable.
But the following gardening tools will also help you take care and maintain the garden more effectively.
8 Kinds of Gardening Tools That Must Ha

  1. Shovel.
    When bringing home a new plant, you need to move it to a pot or directly on the ground. To simplify the process, you must have a gardening tool called a shovel.
    This gardening tool is useful for digging up soil or other growing media in a new container and closing it again after the plant has been successfully removed.
  2. Park forks.
    Its main function is to collect dry leaves and various other waste that is around the plant.
    This gardening tool can also be used to dig pots in small sizes and level the ground.
    The size of a large garden fork is suitable for you who have many large ornamental plants to save more energy and time. And vice versa for small plants.
  3. Hoes.
    When you want to get rid of weeds in a vacant lot, you can dig with a hoes at the same time tearing at the roots so they don’t grow easily anymore. Be careful when swinging because the garden tool is quite heavy and the edges are sharp.
  4. Soil moisture meters.
    The soil has different pH levels which are one indicator of soil fertility.
    While the pH is the acidity of the soil which has a pH scale of 1-14.
    Soil with a pH scale of 0-6 reacts acidically, while soils with a pH of 8-14 have alkaline reacting soils.
    Soil with a pH of 7 means to react neutrally. For plant growth, neutral pH soils are good because they have a lot of nutrients. Land that has a pH less than 7 or reacts acidically, meaning a lack of magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and molybdenum.
    You need a measuring device. It is a device used to measure the pH of a liquid. The best Soil moisture meters become important before you start gardening by hydroponics. The design is so practical, minimalist and also easy to use. By knowing the pH that is owned, plants and animals can grow optimally.
  5. Scissors plants.
    Messy branches of plants will be easier to cut using branch scissors than ordinary scissors. Diseased or decaying plant parts also need to be cut so that they do not spread to other parts of the plant.
    This gardening tool can also be used to spruce up parts of the roots that are overgrown.
  6. Gardening gloves.
    This gardening tool is made using a thick cloth to be comfortable to use and makes it easy for you to handle other gardening tools.
    In addition to protecting nails from dirt, you can also avoid thorns from plants that are being trimmed.
  7. Watering the plants.
    All plants need water to survive. As the owner of the garden, you must water it with water.
    To make it easier, garden tools in the form of watering plants must be present.
    The shape resembles a kettle in various capacities.

For those of you who want to start a gardening hobby, do you already have all the garden tools above?
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Happy Gardening!