6 Business Street Tips, Initial Capital Only 5 Millions

Recently, the existence of Business Streets has started to mushroom in many areas. Apart from simple menus, Business Street is known to sell food at super sloping prices. It is not wrong if many people are interested in pursuing this one business.

With a little capital, you will get a big profit opportunity. However, before starting to run an Business Street, know these six important aspects. but before that make sure you have determined your target market, please visit the official website for more info, click here lcs2

Interested in Business Street? Consider These 6 Important Aspects

1. The Right Business Street Location

Hearing the word Business Street, maybe you will immediately think of the row of street vendors along Malioboro Jogja street.

This assumption is not completely wrong, because the Business Street trend is increasingly popular with street vendors that are commonly found on the island of Java. That way, you already know what kind of location to choose to start a Business Street.

Unlike kiosks, shops, or other types of businesses, Business Street need a strategic place or location to sell. The goal is clear, which is to bring in lots of customers.

The ideal location for running a culinary business is on the edge of the highway. Why is that? Roads are almost always filled with vehicles and people passing by, so the opportunities for profit are very large.

With opening hours after dusk, you also need to know which locations get busy when it starts to get late. This should be noted, because some places are only busy in the morning or afternoon, while at night it is quiet without much activity. Obviously, a location like this won’t be profitable for your business.

Even so, you still have to pay attention to the safety aspect, because generally Business Street starts to open when it is dark.

Night is a time when many crimes are committed. Thus, you need to rethink running your business in a less safe place. The more crowded the place is, the better it is to avoid criminal acts.

2. A comfortable place

If viewed from its origins, Business Street is a food stall that is peddled by someone using a cart somewhere. But lately, many Business Street have used cars as a means of placing food for sale. If you want your Business Street to be visited by lots of people, create a comfortable place.

How do you create a comfortable Business Street? Simply find a strategic location that has a large space, then give a floor for the floor. For some people, eating on the floor is the best way to eat a meal.

However, you still need to keep it organized and clean, especially when a customer has just finished eating. There is also nothing wrong with providing several facilities for your Business Street.

3. Facilities at Business Street

There are many ways to make your Business Street crowded with buyers. One way is to install WiFi. By installing WiFi, it is not impossible for customers to flock to order food in your Business Street. Many cafes or restaurants have provided WiFi access to customers.

No need to worry if customers are lingering in your Business Street. It is not impossible if they will buy food with unusual portions to accompany their time using a Wi-Fi network.

Unlike restaurants or cafes, menus in Business Street generally have affordable prices, so there is no reason for them to feel hungry and thirsty.

The next facility is a television. Even though it looks trivial, your Business Street can immediately be filled with many people when there is a broadcast of your favorite sports match. This has been proven by several stalls on the highway. The busier your Business Street, the more coffee and tea or even food you order.

If your Business Street is on a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland, this will give you a great opportunity to get a lot of profit. You can imitate some Business Street that install LCD screens for watching activities together. Apart from increasing sales on Business Street, this can also be a means of promoting your business.

4. Menu Options

Starting an Business Street means that you are required to think creatively, because currently there are many competitors that have emerged. You need to think of ways to keep customers coming and choosing your Business Street.

One way is to look for your competitors’ loopholes. Not with a negative perspective, the gap here is to take advantage of something that doesn’t exist in most Business Street. For example, the food menu.

By having a different menu from most Business Street, it is not impossible that your Business Street will be crowded with visitors. Especially if the menu on your Business Street is unique and seems out of the box. Of course, make sure you stick with taste and the quality of each existing menu.

Even so, there is nothing wrong if you keep selling general menus that are often found in other Business Street. Thus, visitors still have many menu options to choose from.

5. Prices are lopsided

It has become a common thing if the menus sold in Business Street are famous for their cheap, even very cheap. In some Business Street, there is a menu called Nasi Kucing, which contains plain white rice with side dishes that are sold for under IDR 10,000. In fact, sometimes there are those who sell it for under IDR 5,000.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the prices set on each menu. Business Street, which has simple characteristics, is directly proportional to the price of existing food. If the price of food in your Business Street is higher than normal, it is not impossible that you will be left behind by many customers.

Moreover, nowadays many Business Street have appeared. That way, the competition will be even tighter. Some people are more interested and choose Business Street with lower prices. So, it is very important to determine the price of each menu in Business Street.

6. Always Keep Clean

Setting a sloping price on the food being sold is not enough to be a strategy to bring in customers. Another factor that is no less important when running this business is the problem of cleanliness.

In running a culinary business like Business Street, cleanliness is everything. Customers will easily move to another heart if they know the place to eat they visit is dirty and does not maintain cleanliness.

Some people are very aware of the problem of cleanliness in a place to eat. Therefore, it is very important for you as a street food business owner like this to always keep it clean.

You can do many ways to keep the place to eat clean, such as cleaning dishes and utensils from buyers immediately after use.

In addition, cleanliness is also closely related to food hygiene. Thus, cleanliness is not just about where to eat.

You need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the place to cook, where to serve food, where to wash cutlery and cooking utensils, to clean cooking methods. The dirty and dirty impression must be lost from your Business Street, so that customers remain comfortable while eating food.