4 Reasons You Should Stay at the Villa as Family Vacations

Holidays are often used as a vacation moment with family and people closest. However, vacation with a lot of people often finds many obstacles, one of them on choosing a place to stay. Would you stay in a hotel or a more private villa? Are you looking for a hotel close to Phuket beach? Novotel’s One Bedroom Pool Villa Phuket is the answer. Well, for those of you who are planning to take a vacation with family, so as not to get confused, let’s find out the following benefits of staying in a villa!

 1. Togetherness with a closer family

The large size of the villa will certainly make the moment of togetherness with the family closer. You will be able to easily see almost all family activities directly. With an atmosphere like this, you and your family can plan any activities that will be done during the holiday easily.

 2. Feel at home

Staying at the villa while on vacation will make you and your family feel at home. You can do anything freely without worrying about disturbing other guests. No need to also share or queue up to use the facilities offered such as a swimming pool, garden, or kitchen.

 3. The scenery is more beautiful

Compared to hotels, most villas are built in strategic locations close to various tourist attractions. Not only that, many villas are built on the plateau so they offer stunning views. No need to bother requesting a room with an interesting view, right?

 4. Child-friendly

The villa is certainly very friendly for children to live in. The playground for your kids is even wider and free. Different conditions if you and your family live in a hotel, children’s play space is usually more limited. Some hotels do not even have it at all.

Seeing the advantages offered, it looks like staying at the villa is the right choice when you are on vacation with family.

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